I'm Mihir Sudhir Palan your fellow resident of aamchi Mumbai.

Photography has been more than art to me since I was a kid.
Initially, I loved being in front of the camera the whole symphony of perfect lighting, pose, expression created a memory which can stay with you forever. Hence, I decided to swap the role and I started taking pictures. Before a decade digital camera weren't something that was available to masses as it is today. I started with a basic film role camera and slowly graduated to clicking pictures via phone. I decided to make a career out of it and wanted to learn more about the world of photography hence I decided to get accredited by FX school. I graduated from FX school in 2014 and now photography is more than a career to me.

I love traveling and exploring different Places throughout India.
Documentary shoots are my forte visiting an unknown place and capturing emotions of native people residing there amazes me. It helps me create memories; a permanent time stamp which I can relive in future.
Wedding shoots & videography is also something I have experience of and our grand Indian weddings gives us lots of opportunities to capture raw emotions.
Be it modelling shoots of gorgeous models or an innocent smile of a 10 year old My camera loves it all.
I am capable to work solo or in a team of 2-3 depending on the event plus I hire other fellow professionals to help me out so we are able to capture every aspect of the event without any disruption.

Some famous personalities that I have had the honour to shoot are :- Monica Murthy (Television Actress)
Arpit Sharma (Television Anchor)  apart from famous TV personalities, I have also done poster shoot for the movie I AM A GUJJU starring Sunny Pancholi ,Rohit Roy Manoj Joshi and Rishikesh Ingle.  My client  includes brands such as Mesomorph Gym Vasai, Optimum Nutrition, K11 fitness Academy just to name a few.

  +91 9920031367‚Äč